Everyday is Gameday : Blue vs. Orange Gator Debut



They say its great to be a Gator! Well, it’s that time again, football season! As the Florida Gators wrap up their last days of spring practice they anxiously await gameday. Saturday April 12, 2014 the Blue and Orange Debut will kick off at the Ben Hill Griffin Stadium at 1:30 pm. The game will be split into four 12 minute quarters with a running clock, offense wearing blue and defense wearing orange. With a lot to prove due to the 4-8 record of the 2013 season Gators seem confident in their team and dominating the SEC .


Overview :

During last season Gators defense monopolized the SEC. Overcoming the departure of Loucheiz Purifoy and Marcus Roberson they had 10 returning starters along with top of the line talent coming in from high school. Although the defense had a great season offense struggled tremendously suffering from weekly injuries. Despite the major adversity and disappointments of last season the Florida Gators are entering this 2014 season with a new state of mind #Eatin’Greedy



My Story: Briyana Monique



Hey bloggers, My name is Briyana Nichols. My friends call me Briy or B. I am a proud Winston-Salem State RAM.. and yes I LOVE MY HBCU! I am Double majoring in Biology and Marketing. I plan to become a Biomedical Engineer. I recently turned 19 years young. In my new year of life my focus is ME! Finding my God given purpose and striving for my goals. Most importantly building my relationship with God. My life has been somewhat of a challenge but I continue to press forward.  One of the biggest challenges I face is my Type 1 Diabetes. I was diagnosed with this “disability” at the age of 10. This is why one of my main focuses will be “Eat Clean, Train Dirty” because health is a main aspect of my life ( as it should be in anyones life ).

Recently I came to realize that I tend to put the well-being of others before my well-being, forgetting that I am human as well. I allow all these feelings and emotions to build up and I always wait until i hit my breaking point to be heard…. well that time period is over and done with. I wanted to come up with a way to positively express my feelings while helping others who are just like me ( sometime overwhelmed with life)  to get through those hard days. While helping others little do you know you’re helping me!

This blog is like my baby, something that solely belongs to me and is my outlet. Although R.A.W is mainly directed toward women and girls, I want to Encourage, Empower, and Uplift all my followers. With R.A.W I want bloggers to converse with me about their opinions and and problems. You can get in touch with me on twitter : @1st__LadyB or by e-mail : r.a.w.women14@gmail.com

Enjoy R.A.W

“i AM R.A.W” – Radient, Ambitious. and Worthy

Weathering the Storm : It’s Only Temporary


This morning was challenging for me. One of those days you’re feeling low and feel as if you have nowhere to turn. In the mist of my struggle I began to talk to God. Praying for piece of mind and deliverance from my pain, mistrust, and hardships. While expressing myself something told me to just be quiet and listen. God dropped a quote in my spirit

The harder the struggle the more glorious the triumph

. When weary and discouraged remember that the storm won’t last forever. We just have to have faith in God and know our blessing is on it’s way. -R.A.W

iAm R.A.W



Hey Bloggers, this is my first post on my fabulous new blog. As you can see the name of my blog is IAm R.A.W. Meaning I am a Radiant, Ambitious, and Worthy Women. Often times at my age we tend to lose ourselves in this world. My blog will discuss a variety of topics from my fitness and health posts, which will be entitled “Eat Clean, Train Dirty” to “Weathering the Storm” which consist of daily scriptures and encouragement. There is a lot more to come so stay tuned!  #iAmR.A.W #RAW #Women #Empowering #Encouraging #Exemplifying

I am a Radiant.Ambitious.Worthy women. -RAW

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I am a Radiant.Ambitious.Worthy women. -RAW

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